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Computer Basics
Headline Creator Software

Here is a great tool that can create winning headlines & titles for your ad. This is not available for mac. Some computers may get an error message while attemplting to download, this is ok just click the OK button and it will continue to download fine.
(Save to your desktop for easy access after download).

STEP 2 - After the software file has downloaded to your desktop, double click the software and it will automatically open.

NOTE: Depending on your computer's shockwave settings you may receive the following error code:
STEP 3 - Click the "Step 1" button as shown in A. in the picture above. You will then answer the four questions listed on the page that will pertain to the company's Web site and product you are submitting.

STEP 4 - Click the "Step 2" button as shown in B. in the picture above.

You will then see a list of headlines created as show here:
many This software gives you several different title and headlines to choose from. You can break the titles down if you choose as well. You will use the buttons at the top of the software such as, Command, Question, How To, News, Reasons Why, Testimonial, and All Headlines. If you click on these options they will reformat the headline as a question, news, testimonial, etc.

This is a great tool to use that will help you create simple and ready-to-use titles and headlines for your data submissions.
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