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I recommend to first write the post in Word if you are going to actually use this as a blog post, . Next review your post for things like spelling, grammar, etc.

Put your Word copy through a program first such as Notepad that strips out the unseen Word coding (Do NOT copy and paste directly into the Note field.) Next paste into the Note field the copy from Notepad.

You’ll have to put back the spaces between paragraphs of course when you do this as well as any boldfacing or other instructions that you've added to your Word doc.

Type your title in the title field – think keywords.
Now add tags (also think keywords) in the tags field of your Note.
Add a photo if you wish.
Preview the Note and, if correct, hit Publish.

See how the new Note will automatically feed into the wall of your Facebook Page along with being on the Notes tab. Also each new Note you've posted will sit on top of the Notes stream in the same way that each new blog post is on top of a blog post stream.

Make Sure To Post your Facebook Notes on Twitter:

Just click the title of the Note the same way you would click on the title of a post to get the permalink of that post.

Next you can copy that long URL into a URL shortener such as (do get an account so you can track your clicks) and you can tweet the shortened URL.

Also if you have set up the selective Twitter option available on your LinkedIn profile, you can add #in at the end of your tweet and automatically update your LinkedIn profile.

Remember: The first step to using your Facebook Page as a blog is to carefully choose the title of your Facebook Page as this is in effect the title of your blog. (Once you have 100 people who “like” your Page you cannot change the title.)

Now, If you already are an active blogger (and I recommend online marketers for sure have a blog), here’s a ten-step process to create valuable exposure, build rapport, nurture relationships and advance your credibility:

Ten Steps to Leverage Your Blog Posts With Facebook Notes

Make sure you’re importing your primary blog using the Facebook Notes app.
Check that you’re already friends with certain prominent people in your industry. If not, send them a friend request (always with a personal message).
Write a thought-provoking blog post and mention these specific people in your industry that you respect.
When Facebook imports your blog post into the Notes app, TAG the specific people you mentioned in your post. (You can only tag your friends). They will all receive a Notification in their list of Notifications that you tagged them, and the story will publish in their Mini Feed, and the story will push into their friends’ News Feed… thus bringing more traffic back to your Note.
When people comment on your Note it also goes into their Mini Feed and their friends’ News Feed. You might also send a private email directly asking certain people to comment. Always include a link to your Note and/or blog post.
Add to the Comments yourself from time to time to also push out a notification in your Mini Feed and your own friends’ News Feed.
For particular commenters, you could also acknowledge them publicly on their Wall… again creating valuable exposure and viral visibility for both parties.
If you follow these same people on Twitter, that you aspire to and have blogged about, (which I recommend you do – look at their Facebook profile and/or search on to find their Twitter username), send them a tweet or direct message letting them know you included them in your blog post.
When people comment on your blog post, send them an @ Twitter message to acknowledge them in public.
After a certain period, use the Share feature on your Note (imported blog post) to post out the Note on your profile. e.g. say 3-5 days goes by and your Note has many comments – you could post to your profile (use the Share button) and include a comment to the effect there’s a great discussion going on and you’d welcome more input. And/or you can also use the Share button to send the Note directly to specific friends via email.

As you can see – that’s a LOT of mileage out of ONE blog post!! I wouldn’t recommend this strategy for every blog post, necessarily. But certainly, give it a shot now and then – and do let me know your results.

UPDATE: Be sure to also add in your prominent people as Technorati tags!

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