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How to Get 1000's of Twitter Followers FREE!!!!
Getting twitter followers is a lot easier than you think if you know what you're doing. There are a lot of people (like yourself) just trying to make an extra buck through the World Wide Web and twitter is one great way to do that. If you have a product or service you want others to know about, using social media is one of the best ways to do that. Twitter is one of the most popular forms of communication to date and many businesses use twitter as a means to sell things. Twitter generates BILLIONS OF DOLLARS EACH YEAR just by promoting online products and services. Why not use it for yourself and get a piece of that pie? Here are some simple tips and tricks you can use that are not only legal but people actually encourage you to use them. Below I have created a list of websites that especially want to help others get more twitter fans and generate more tweets. They have created diffeent types of clubs especially for people like you that are willing to trade tweets and exchange signups in order to help each other. All you have to do is create a twitter account HERE if you haven't already and then signup with each service below and begin. Remember, you don't need a website to use twitter. If you are an affiliate you can use your hoplink and tweet short ads with your hoplink at the end of the ad. Make sure to shorten the link with a free service called BITLY HERE . Just enter your hoplink into Bitly's link shortening tool and it will give you a link that looks something like this (This is only an example link). Your twitter name and header for your new twitter account should match the name of the product you are selling or should be in that same category. For instance, if you're promoting the company "Legitmate Online Jobs" you could name your twitter account "legithomejobs". The header in your twitter account (header is the main picture at the top of your page)  should then be a picture of someone working at home.
At the bottom of this page I have listed several businesses that offer free tools to use for twitter. In each of these twitter companies there are THOUSANDS of other members that want to be your twitter friend and tweet your messages. All you have to do is ask each person (people in the group you think may be interested in what you're offering) to be your twitter friend by sending a friend request or simply adding them as a friend. In return you will be asked by many to accept their friend request and you will accept them as well. The companies listed at the bottom of this page offer many great tools such as locating the people who you have added as a friend but have not added you. The software they provide is free and they will allow you to either contact these people to ask if they want to be your friend or you can delete these people from your list in bulk so you're able to always have a working list of followers.
You'll need to delete the unfollowers and I'll explain why below.

Ways to Get Twitter Followers Fast

Using these simple methods can get you literally
THOUSANDS OF FOLLOWERS within a very short period of time. Just make sure you spend about an hour a day retweeting and keeping your list up to date. In that time you will need to do at least 3 tweets a day. (do not over tweet)  RULES: You cannot have over 2000 people on your Following list. This means you cannot follow over 2000 people, but you can have well over 2000 people following you.  When your list gets to 2000 people (that you're following) twitter will no longer allow you to do friend requests until you remove some people you're following on your list. What you do is login to your JustUnfollow account and Unfollowspy and use their removal tools. Between the 2 you can remove about 300 people per day. (Do NOT remove more than that or you can get your account suspended.) Once you remove them you should begin adding more friends from your special groups or alternatively people can be found in the Twitter business accounts below and do this daily.
After signing up with twitter you can login to your account and go to the search option. Here are some search phrases below that you can use in order to locate specific groups of people who want to be twitter friends and won't be considered spam. Once you enter the phrase you will be asked if you want twitter to find a group of people under that phrase so make sure you choose that option
(SEE SAMPLE BELOW). Then you will see an entire page of people listed under that phrase and from there you can choose each one to be your twitter friend without be accused of spam or risking getting your account closed.

Phrases to Search For

Team Follow Back
Follow Back
Follow All Who RT
Retweet and Follow
Must Follow
Just Follow
Follow Train

Now these are only a few but you get the idea. You will come across many more phrases you can use as you go along - SEE SAMPLE BELOW

This page should pop up Next - Select these friends
This is the way to do it manually. Now you can always choose to BUY twitter followers but that's a little risky in my opinion because you never really know if they're real followers or just automated FAKE followers. I'de rather do it the manual way but that's up to you.
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